Anteater Network


The Anteater Network is a dynamic and extensible website that connects alumni entrepeneurs of the University of California, Irvine to past, present, and future students and faculty.

By displaying these businesses on a map with a variety of filters, the Anteater Network offers a highly effective, convenient, and visual representation of the spread of UCI's alumni network.

The system was created for the UCI Alumni Association as a senior design project of my undergraduate informatics program.

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  • Responsive interface for compatibility with all screen sizes
  • 600+ UCI alumni owned businesses listed
  • User friendly taxonomies for school and business category filters
  • Toggle-able pin clustering
  • Full screen map mode
  • Dynamic address geocoding and caching
  • Powerful and flexible instant search results
  • Buffered auto focusing map after searching
  • Custom admin panel for UCIAA staff
Development Tools
HTML5 CSS3 Javascript PHP MySQL GitHub jQuery Bootstrap Google Maps API QUnit



JMMP is a student organization that was formed for the year long senior capstone project at the University of California, Irvine. Our goal was to develop the Anteater Network, an innovative web app in collaboration with our sponsors, the UCI Alumni Association.

JMMP operated under agile software development methodologies for one year, with iterative bi-weekly cycles of planning, analysis, design, development, testing, and presentations.

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Project Management Deliverables
  • Project plans, business cases, and risk analysis
  • Stakeholder agreement and communication convenant
Software Development Deliverables
  • Wireframe mockups and functional prototypes
  • Requirements specification, architectural diagrams, and use cases
  • Test and deployment plans
Usability Testing Deliverables
  • Keystroke analyses and heuristic evaluations
  • Code and expert reviews
  • User studies
Development Tools
Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Balsamiq Gantto GitHub UML

Alien Escape


Alien Escape is a short, turn based, adventure video game developed over the course of 7 weeks. It features all original artwork, sound assets, line of sight algorithms, and AI logic.

The project involved creating prototypes, presentations, and documentation in addition to the game itself.

The player takes the role of an alien who has been captured and placed in quarantine. The alien must find an engine piece on each level to unlock the teleporter to the next level without running out of turns, all while playing under a fog of war and avoiding various enemies and traps.

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  • 3 unique levels in increasing difficulty
  • Original artwork and sprites
  • Original music and sound effects, dynamically generated within the levels
  • Custom fog of war and line of sight algorithms
  • Custom artificial intelligence logic - 4 tiers of guard and 2 tiers of turret intelligence
Development Tools
HTML5 Javascript Tile Map XML melonJS Tiled GitHub Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop



Terris is a gaming community that was was founded in December 2011. The community largely centered around Minecraft, but steadily expanding to other popular games including Terraria and Team Fortress 2.

Formed from the merging of two smaller Minecraft communities, Terris enabled me to drastically expand our reach and infrastructure.

I actively created, managed, and directed new projects and contests for the community, including the development of custom game plugins. I also maintained all aspects of the administration including the weekly staff meetings, finances, social media presence, graphical identity, technical support, and in game operations.

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  • Over 800 registered members
  • 6 active servers across 3 different games
  • Team of 20 staff members covering all time zones
  • Customized plugins that add depth to gameplay
  • Custom mod packs for an entirely new experience
  • Rotating daily and weekly events
  • Monthly contests and giveaways
Development Tools
Java HTML5 CSS3 Javascript CentOS Debian Ubuntu GitHub Enjin Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects


Profile Picture

Hello there! My name is Melvin Chien.

Most of days are currently spent as an educational technology specialist at the University of Toronto. My educational background is in human-computer interaction and I have an aspiring passion for web development and user interaction design.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, playing video and board games, budgeting, and gardening.


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